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With GoEuro, the best travel options are only one click away

We do two big things differently
Trains, buses and flights

We include all transportation options, even the transit to and from airports. One search, lots of options!

Search anywhere in Europe

Basically, we let you enter any town, city or village in Europe. You control where you want to start and end your journey. The possibilities are endless!

We work out the complicated stuff
To give you simple travel options

We build proprietary technology to normalise and translate all European ground data putting rail and bus data on par with flight information.

how we work
From an idea
To a revolution

So, a number of years ago, Naren Shaam decided to take one of those long backpacking trips across Europe – a rite of passage for University students worldwide.

Now, Naren pretty much knew where he wanted to visit. But planning the best route, finding a cheap bus, or the right train, left our journeyman frustrated and a little lighter in the pocket than he would have liked.

And so, GoEuro was born. Naren quit his job in finance, packed up, moved to Berlin, and started the company.

Today GoEuro operates in 11 countries in Europe and counting. We serve around 32,000 rail and bus stations combined and 207 airports in our core countries.

We're now a gang of over 150 people from 32 different countries, and we all share the same vision of creating a single tool to get you anywhere in Europe.

"GoEuro today already reaches travellers from more than 120 countries, in 15 languages, and we’re making travelling in Europe easier than ever before – both inside countries and across borders. We are building the only tool you need to fully benefit from Europe’s excellent rail, bus and air travel infrastructure." Naren Shaam

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